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Lock your gaze on Sevdaliza in "The Valley" [Video]

Sevdaliza, an Iranian-Dutch musician and visual artist, just came out in an astounding feature on French producer, and newly OVO Sound affiliate, Stwo’s first single, “Haunted.”

Today, Sevdaliza shares even more exciting news, with the announcement of her soon-to-be released Children of Silk EP (tracklist below), along with a video for “The Valley.”

The pictorial video, directed by Zahra Reijs and produced by, Sevdaliza, herself, seems to depict the many personas that contend within the artist. She is first seen in a black latex outfit, twisting her hair with her fingers, then in a split view, appears to the side, stripped down in pasties, flashing us coy smiles. As the erotic, industrial beat breaks, we lock our gaze on Sevdaliza shifting through costumes changes, manifesting comfortable confidence in whatever presentation of the self be. 

The ambitious description of the video reads:

she was like a drug, so smooth and overwhelming that she took one up a level in their emotions just by watching and listening to her. she was a natural entertainer, filled with talent and knowledge on many subjects and a keen sense of the world. I admired her as she performed for us, and I forgot the ugliness again.

Children of Silk Tracklist

1. The Inside
2. Amandine Insensible
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Men of Glass feat. Rome Fortune

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