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Rachel K Collier gears up for EP release with "Nothing Is Forever" [Premiere]

Welsh singer-songwriter Rachel K Collier is gearing up for a big introduction into the music world. On October 23rd, Collier will release her debut EP, a self-titled and self-produced work capturing her special style of indie, house and experimental pop.Swinging between styles of indie, house & experimental pop, 

We have a first listen to one of the singles from the EP as well as an impressive remix, entitled "Nothing Is Forever." A project Collier did with DJ S.K.T., the track is a downtempo, infectiously moody and melodic journey through disco and jazz with her vocals being the element that really ties everything all together. So many times vocals feel separate from the production they work with, but "Nothing Is Forever" is a smooth, well-balanced production. On the remix of the single is fellow Welsh producer Jay Robinsonwho has brought the underground forward, with industrial bass notes and a distinctly UK garage beat.

Check both tracks out below and preorder the EP due out later this month via iTunes here. 

Connect with Rachel K Collier:


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