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Kid Moxie is out for "Blood" on new single with j.s. [Premiere]

Last year, the multi-talented Elena Charbila released her 1888 LP as Kid Moxie, followed by a subsequent remix album.  Featuring a wide spectrum of collaborators, from The Gaslamp Killer to Angelo Badalamenti1888 was a midnight ride through Charbila's world of cinematic pop-noir.  Since then she's  been off the radar but keeping very busy, spending time away from her home base in L.A., working on acting gigs for the last few months in her native country, Greece, and elsewhere in Europe.  

Somehow, amidst all that chaos, Kid Moxie's also got a new EP in the works.  Details are scarce so far, but the five-track EP will see release through British label West One Music, and Charbila promises that plenty more guests and remixers are already on board.  For now you can check out "Blood," a one-off single Charbila recorded with Los Angeles duo j.s.  On the dark, unsettling ballad, Charbila's voice is joined by male vocals, with dreary piano casting shadows over their twisted love, before it all comes tearing apart at the end.  "Blood" won't be on Kid Moxie's forthcoming EP, but it's sure to whet your appetite.  You can purchase the track here.  Keep an eye out for the EP in the coming months, as well as a feature or two from Charbila on the next Gaslamp Killer release.

j.s. is the duo of vocalist Jarrett Sleeper and producer Jason Scardamalia.  Their unique synth pop project will share a new single, "North" on October 9.  You can check out "Secret Names" here.



Kid Moxie: Soundcloud - Facebook - Bandcamp


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