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Khary Durgans kills two different ways on "Ambidextrous"

The rambunctious, yellow raincoat wearing New York via Rhode Island swim team captain is back and is roaring louder than ever. Khary Durgans has progressively explored the depths of his writing talent and 2015 seems to be the year that he takes what he has learned, and explodes onto the scene. His standout 2014 EP, Swim Team, was an early indication of his new musical direction and had us excited to hear where he was going to take it next. According to his latest single, "Ambidextrous," young Durgans is headed out of the pool and into a more lyrically complex wonderland. 

Khary is no longer apologetic, but out for blood on "Ambidextrous." "I be fresh to death, you be dressed to get shitted on," he is not mincing his words or beating around the bush, right from the opening couplet his opposition have been put on notice. Clever and humorous lines follow in abundance, adding an amusing character to Tedd Boyd jazzy production.

Durgans has a knack of mixing in obscure pop culture into his rhymes and he flexes this ability throughout "Ambidextrous." This song might be the only hip-hop record you hear that includes references to Yu Yu Hakusho next to shout outs to parents; or an extended bar that compares women to school classes. Each bar is both hilarious and sharp, which might be where the track's title comes from: he is both the class clown and the teacher, both sides of the coin.

Khary Durgans has stated that "Ambidextrous" is the first of many singles from his forthcoming project, Intern Aquarium, which does not have an exact release date yet. If we can expect more fiery bar filled songs in the near future, than we should be thankful. Definitely keep your eye out for what he does next.

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