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Celebrate 12 years of Decibel Festival with these 3 showcases you can't miss

Since 2003, Seattle has increasingly become a hotspot for electronic music performers, enthusiasts, and sound techies  alike. Popularly regarded as the birthplace of grunge, Emerald City now also joins in conversation when discussing forward-thinking electronic music ports in North America. A big part of this can be easily attributed to the efforts made by Sean Horton - founder of Decibel Festival - and his team who, year after year, work diligently to curate an eclectic line-up every September full of tasteful artists devoted to audio and visual arts.


Showcasing acts in more intimate venue settings as opposed to your typical outdoor festival grounds, it's not tough to grasp that dB is an event where the acquaintanceship between artist & audience places higher in value than how many tickets  you can sell per show. And that's what really sets dB  aside from other festivals happening today. While you will still find big names headlining showcases, there's no doubting that dB is the perfect place for artist discovery as plenty of bubbling talent from various sectors of electronic music join the 5 day event of audio/ visual showcases, after-parties and proper boat parties.

But more than just a haven for incredible performances, dB also gives attendees an opportunity to get a closer glance behind the boards and see how ever-changing technologies brought on by new audio software and analog machines inspire fresh methods for creating. Exclusive conferences, free workshops, demo booths, artist talks and panels via partnerships with Native Instruments, Ableton, Rane + many more call for another promising experience at this year's gathering.

With over 20 showcases to choose from, we narrowed it down to three essentials we think you should definitely attend if you find yourself in Seattle. What's more, EARMILK has partnered up with dB and is giving away a pair of free tickets to each showcase mentioned here via our Twitter this week.

Follow us on Twitter @EARMILK and keep an eye out for your chance to RT and win a pair of tickets to the showcases listed below. Giveaway will be going on via our Twitter channel throughout the week. 


The Crocodile - Wednesday September 23rd - 9pm

One of the showcases ringing in an excellent bill is presented by Seattle's own collective, secondnature. Regarded as one of the main outlets responsible for redirecting wide-ranging and far-reaching electronic music back to the Pacific Northwest,  the first night of dB at The Crocodile pans out to be an excellent night of variant techno tones as Archivist & Josef Gaard (secondnature/ Blankstairs) combine forces with Tin Man (Absurd Recordings/ Acid Test) and Cassegrain (Prologue/ Ostgut Ton). Sonic atmospherics and machine-induced sounds are written all over this one. 

Take a journey with Tin Man and listen to this sonic adventure for ARMA podcast. 



Neumos - Friday September 25 - 9pm

The third night at Neumos will be a memorable standstill for attendees seeking a deep & emotive intermission to all the hectic partying to be had before and after the Lucid Dream presentation, which will feature Fullpanda label-head Dasha Rush,  Recondite (Innervisions/ Ghostly International), and Jon  Charnis (All Day I Dream). The trifecta of performers  aim to give a starry, relaxing theme chimed over their signature styles that often awaken emotional glands on the dancefloor. 

Check out Dasha Rush's Resident Advisor  An Ambient Odyssey podcast and drift into loose consciousness.



The Showbox - Saturday September 26 - 9pm

Heavy sampling, guitar plucks, newfangled methods of performing music, and an all-around withdrawal from the real world via experimental sounds is what's taking place at The Showbox as dB's Sublime showcase presents a bill featuring talent from all over the country and extending overseas. Local talent Manatee Commune will bring his set-up and airy riffs that go hand-in-hand with Brooklyn's Taylor McFerrin (Brainfeeder) organic and free-forming style of music composition. Throw in Gilligan Moss' poppy take on house and you have yourself a funhouse. Headlining is none other than one of today's most beloved musicians in electronic music, Bonobo (Ninja Tune), readying a culminating DJ set that most certainly wont disappoint.  

Set the mood with Manatee Commune's STYLSS mix to prepare you.





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