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Mozado brings back K​askade's single "Disarm You"

K​askade has always been known for having beautiful vocals on his tracks and his single“Disarm You” was no different featuring the lovely vocals of Ilsey. Today we introduce you to up-and-coming producer Mozado, who takes us on a deep, grooving house journey through the classic track with his classy remix. WIth a touch of experimentalism and catchy hooks, he will have you asking to hear more from his collection. Remarking, “I was happy to see Kaskade was releasing these stems. And even more excited that the vocal samples were dry, allowing me to play with space a little bit more freely. Want to make something that could work in Kaskade’s Redux sets, but with an ethereal touch. ”

​If you're curious to know more about Mozado, his music can be described as sensual, imaginative and even a bit provocative. Go ahead and get your first dose below. Enjoy! 

Dance · Deep House


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