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Moxie Raia covers "Drugs You Should Try It" by Travis Scott

Rising star Moxie Raia released a surprise cover of Travis Scott's "Drugs You Should Try It" last week and we're not disappointed. For anyone who has ever been in a seedy city scene, where people stay out way after dark and let their lives fall away for the party this one will deeply resonate. And girl can sing, but we knew that already after her last tour with megastar Steve Aoki

Moxie's Soundcloud has a great deal of impressive covers but this one is by far the best, with raw soul added to new hot hip-hop artist Scott's original, with muted chord lines and a steady beat. Raia is still somewhat mysterious and there isn't a ton of information on her online aside from her body of work, but to be honest we kind of dig that mystery. 




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