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Lymbyc Systym's "Paraboloid" is an adventurous piece of dance-rock [Premiere]

As Lymbyc Systym, brothers Jared and Michael Bell have been forging a new path in instrumental rock music for years.  Combining synth, drums, and sparse electronics, they create miniature dreamworlds that toe the line between laboratory precision and heartfelt emotion.  Their latest album, Split Stones, was announced a few weeks back, along with a stream of the LP's title track.  Aside from the meditative vocal samples, that track was a pleasantly familiar sound for Lymbyc Systym, a gorgeous new example of the sound they've pioneered.

Split Stones' second single, "Paraboloid," takes the opposite approach, experimenting with new methods to create what they describe as a "long-haul, minimalist dance track."    As keyboardist Jared Bell explains:

"Previously, the Lymbyc Systym sound was partially defined by brevity; "Paraboloid pushes the idea of structural longevity.  The featured arpeggiator acts as a living machine – instead of programming the arpeggiator, it was recorded freely with countless variations, then edited together manually.  Scientific clarity in harmony with human uncertainty."

Let's hope there's more danceable stuff like "Paraboloid" on Split Stones, it's an exciting, natural progression of The Bell brothers' sound.  You can grab the album through Western Vinyl on October 16th.

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Lymbyc Systym: Soundcloud - Facebook - Twitter

Pre-order Split Stones: Physical - iTunes

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