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Barney Khan delivers serious techno with 'Wrath' EP

Innovating the classic sounds of techno all the way from Berlin, Barney Khan provides a unique and fresh listening experience with the most recent EP, "Wrath". The twenty-something producer has already begun making a name for himself locally, delivering a dark yet contemporary approach and style of what techno should really sound like today.

"Wrath" is the first self-titled track from the EP, as he mixes drums and hypnotic tempos that dissolve into your ears with each timed kick. Creating an atmospheric set of sounds that flow into a void of techno rhythms, it's good enough to keep you locked in, yet wondering about what is next. 

With a track like this, you can appreciate every little detail placed into it, carefully using his loops and synths into a powerful techno track to listen to. Once you've listened to the first title-track, "Dawn" pulls the listener even further, this time producing a heavy wave of rhythmic loops and beats that embrace the chaos behind this track.  "

Wrath" is now available through his own label Bis Bald Records as his second release to date. 



BBB003 Final Artwork - Credit Gianna Olcese

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