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Mountain Bird urge's you to "Dream" [Premiere]

Born from the ideas of multi-instrumentalist Adam Öhman, Sweden's Mountain Bird continues to impress with his cinematic style and demanding vocals. Where Mountain Bird's music has kept to a low profile in scope and in terms of reception thus far, it seems that Adam is beginning to transition into a bolder style as he continues to develop his sound that should make for a smooth transition into the spotlight.

In tapping in to Mountain Bird's forthcoming album that is two years in the making, "Dream" holds a special place as it was the first song written for the full-length. Adam says that "Dream" is a tribute to, 'all of those people who love something or someone, to not let go, to keep on fighting for what they love.' Filled with an electrifying chorus and strong feeling of progression, "Dream" is probably the strongest outing from Adam yet, and we have yet to listen to the majority of what will be released on his new album that is expected out in spring of 2016.

Expect to hear more from the promising act Mountain Bird in the future.

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