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Chuckie teams up with Bobby Puma on "Mainstage" [Premiere]

Dirty Dutch pioneer Chuckie is back to reintroduce himself as a producer beyond the hardcore, bleepy electro he helped establish a few years ago. As he's evolved into the next stage of his musical career, he's brought along one of the prodigies that the Dirty Dutch and electro movements helped to develop: Bobby Puma. Today, we have a first listen to their latest track together, entitled "Mainstage." 

Out August 24th via Dirty Dutch Music, "Mainstage" is a full blown festival track full of energetic electro, but maintains a more interesting complexity than your standard "banger." Chuckie has been focusing his energy on his Traphall series, but with "Mainstage," seems to be shifting that focus back to the bread and butter of his first successes. Check out the track below.


Chuckie & Bobby Puma
Dirty Dutch Music
Release Date: August 24, 2015

Dance · Electro House · Feature · Premiere


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