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FKA Twigs entrances listeners and viewers with latest EP, 'M3LL155X'

FKA Twigs pulled a Beyonce today. She not only surprised fans with the release of her third EP, entitled M3LL155X, but she also unleashed the electrifying and psychedelic accompanying video. This is the English singer's first project since her highly praised 2014 debut album, LP1. Twigs hinted at this release earlier this year, when she let loose "glass & patron" video and more recently, when she delivered "figure 8" to fans. 

M3LL155X is five tracks long and runs a little over eighteen minutes, it isn't much of a commitment. If you are a fan of Twigs' earlier work, you will find this project to be right in line with your expectations of her. While the first two tracks are her standard affair—a splattering of smooth r&b and experimental modern instrumentation, with a healthy dose of wildly captivating lyrics, sung slowly and seductively—the third track, "in time," and the two that follow demonstrate her continued growth towards pop sensibilities, on her own terms. "in time" is hard to get out of your head, and the beat breakdown on "glass & patron" sounds ready for either a rave or a radio playlist. However, don't think Twig's music has lost that eclectic edge, odd tempos, and head scratching thematic scores, she is just slowly warping the popular sounds to fit her desires.

M3LL155X's sixteen minute long video is an incredible, albeit oftentimes strange, journey. It begins a balling older woman displaying her Angler fish inspired headgear and her multiple gold rings, while "figure 8" plays. The beginning moments are some of the easier to follow and grasp; the visuals quickly get deeper and more creative fast. There is a moment where Twig is a sex doll, for the aptly titled "i'm your doll;"she  transforms into Timberland wearing 90's r&b singer; then she is pregnant and instead of her water breaking, it appears her entire gallon worth of paint breaks; finally, she finds herself at the beginning of the previously released "glass & patron" video. M3LL155X is an exhilarating ride and impossible to look away from. It is amazingly beautiful, dark, and creative, definitely worth every minute of your time.

You can check out the M3LL155X video above and check out the links below to stream the project. FKA Twigs continues to push the boundaries and remain innovative. Enjoy the madness of it all, and look out for more Twigs in the near future.


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Bri Christian
Bri Christian
5 years ago

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Bri Christian
Bri Christian
5 years ago

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