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LEFTI puts an upbeat spin on SHARER's "Body Tonight" [Premiere]

Judging this post based on its title, this write up may look like a feature on two fairly new artists. But in reality, that is only partially the case.

SHARER is a new project by more seasoned artists Young & Sick and JD Samson of MEN and Le Tigre. Each artists in their own right, they've paired up to bring their production and vocal abilities to the new project, launching with a synth pop track entitled "Body Tonight."

Today, we have a first listen to one of the remixes of "Body Tonight," which is one of many due out with the single on August 21st. This one is from Brooklyn's LEFTI, who we have seen quality and unique remixes from before. Slowly building his resume over the past six months, he's brought "Body Tonight" into nu disco territory, with infectious synths, flutes and an overall instrumental that amplifies the affect of Sharer's vocals. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 10.54.29 AMSHARER
"Body Tonight" (Lefti Remix)
Release: August 21, 2015



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