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SAINT WKND reveals new original "Lost (Runaway)" Feat. INGLSH

SAINT WKND makes an original debut today on Spinnin Deep, for his latest single “Lost (Runaway)”  Feat. INGLSH. The track demonstrates a more chilled out and deeper side to the German producer's music collection, that we've been hearing in the form of remixes he's been pumping out. We hear, "Lost (Runaway)" reflects a deeply personal experience, while SAINT WKND remarks, “I was slowly falling for her, but it got very clear at a certain point that these feelings won’t be reciprocated. I had a lots of sleepless nights were I couldn’t just understand why. I picked up my guitar and just started to play. Until 6am. It felt like a relief to give these feelings a voice as it became to overwhelming to talk about it. "Lost" is based on the frustrating feeling of disappointment - a deeply personal experience.” We feel for you SAINT WKND and hope your success on this record, has this lost love thinking about you today. Go ahead and spin it below, the release will go on sale on September 4th. 

Chillout · Dance · Deep House


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