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Pirupa will bring you to your knees with "Save a Prayer" [Premiere]

When you've got a 'Track of the season' DJ award under your belt, the expectations for future releases could either be your downfall or the making of you. Italian born, and now Ibiza based, Pirupa has continued to flourish since the mighty "Party Non Stop," and his latest release on the Crosstown Rebels sub label Rebellion is arguably some of his finest work to date. "Save a Prayer" is a thunderous war cry, a razor sharp spear headed straight for the jugular and, most importantly, it's a record that's built for the masses. 

Dense kicks and a bobbing bass line combine with tribal percussion to paint the picture of a Spartan squadron moving at pace towards their enemy. Bellowing roars boot you straight onto the dance floor, uniting even the largest of crowds in militant fashion for the entirety of the record. The stand out moment comes from the intricately layered break down that gradually escalates to dizzying heights before plunging you straight back into the heat of the battle.  It's a brutish yet elegant record, like the film 300 where the bloodshed is very much an art form and if you look past the intimidating beards and biceps you see gold jewellery and fetching red satin cloaks.  You'll be able to purchase this armour plated beauty from the 14th August.




Save a Prayer

  • Rebellion
  • 14/08/2015



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