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Luke Shay revamps Mako's hit "I Won't Let You Walk Away" [Premiere]

A trio of Los Angelenos come together on today's track, a remix of Mako's early 2015 hit with the talented vocalist Madison Beer. Trying to one up a driving progressive work like "I Won't Let You Walk Away" can't be easy, by Luke Shay delivers a brand new rendition to the fold with his remake of the work. Stripping away some of the underpinning guitar mids and synth flares, the solo producer comes at the track with a rollicking revamped melody that ups the anthemic feels to another level. It hasn't been that long in the game for the talented American artist, but his ability to please fans and critics alike across a myriad of genres fortells a bright and successful future. 

Be sure to catch Mako at Lollapalooza this Sunday from 2:30-3:15pm.



Dance · Pop · Premiere · Progressive House


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