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Doe Paoro announces 'After' LP with hypnotic single "Growth/Decay"

LA-based singer-songwriter Doe Paoro constructs thoughtful, provocative pop songs that balance soul and tenderness with something darker and more haunting.  On her newest single, "Growth/Decay," Paoro reflects on the natural cycles of life, singing, "cycle to the light or fade away," in a chorus that builds to a fever pitch around Paoro's vocals with lush, electronic sounds that push to the forefront before collapsing into nothing.  Elsewhere, the track's R&B- and gospel-tinged production provide near-perfect accompaniment to Paoro's soulful verses.

"Growth/Decay" and Paoro's other songs fit into the brand of, for lack of a better word, intelligent pop music that's being pushed by other indie artists like Shura, Nao, and Jack Garratt, among many others.  But Paoro stands out because her music draws from so many different genres and sounds, not to mention the talents of some big-name artists.  (Members of Bon Iver, Sylvan Esso, MS MR and more contributed to production and songwriting on After.) Be on the lookout for more tunes from Paoro as the release date for After, out September 25 on ANTI-, approaches.  For now, you can enjoy the hypnotic "Growth/Delay" below.

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Doe Paoro


  • ANTI-
  • July 22, 2015


Indie · Pop · R&B


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