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BAILE ignites the dance floor with his latest single Holdin' Feat. Marie Kim

Earlier this year we heralded BAILE as “One of Top 30 Producers to Watch in 2015" and today we reignite the praise for the producer by sharing his latest single "Holdin'" featuring vocals by Marie Kim. Classic four on the floor vibes matched with pulsing bass line, reminiscent of French House influences, BAILE ignites our desire to start dancing at the first push of the play button.

When talking about the creative process BAILE remarks, “When I’m listening to music I find myself more drawn to individual sounds and textures within a song rather than the songs as a whole. During the writing process, I focus on juxtaposing raw elements like acoustic percussion or a piano with synthetic ones like a gritty pad or a drum machine, creating something that can feel crisp and clean but also organic and natural. It’s about striving for a really open, clear mix where every nuance of each sound can be heard.” We could not have said it better, just check out "Holdin" and decide for yourself. 




Dance · Deep House · House


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