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For Don Mykel, rhyme is of "The Essence" [Download]

Sometimes you hear a track that features a straight-up, Steven Seagal-esque, one-man wrecking crew type of lyrical assassination; and, well, Don Mykel's "The Essence" is precisely this kind of joint. The kid from Harlem makes it abundantly clear from the get-go that he's gunning for that number-one spot. Of course, by the looks of things, he's probably gonna take the 2, 3, 4 and 5 spots as well. SWOOOP!

Mykel steamrolls through most of the track with an emphatic, preacher-like delivery, zig-zagging into a flurry of different styles and cadences and eventually arriving at a melodic, sing-songy outro. Mykel's hard-hitting bars, the spooky reverb on his vocals, and the beat's eerie piano all underscore the record's serious nature - he is using his first-class emceemanship to bring back the essence of hip hop and the game will not take away his soul like so many before him. After hearing this latest effort, we like his chances.

Don Mykel is currently busy working on his highly anticipated project, King Mykel: The Rebirth. Meanwhile, we implore you to peep out his SoundCloud page for some more heaters that will cause multiple eargasms at a moment's listen. Stay on high-alert - this dude is straight MILK!


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