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Camea sucks you into "Wormhole" [Premiere]

There are certain track titles out there that let you know exactly what you're in store for. For example, "Why they hide their bodies under my garage" by Blawan, was never going to be a sunny affair. Berlin based Camea provides a very similar scenario with "Wormhole," the opening track of her latest release on Ellen Allien's imprint, BPitch Control

The galloping bass line immediately grabs you by the wrist, tugging you into a cosmic techno continuum as distorted synth keys pan from ear to ear. Sudden drum rolls throw you out of the wormhole and into orbit as crisp snaps and a thick humming sub are complimented by splashy cymbals and celestial keys. The bass line soon returns to gradually suck you back into the swirling main body of the track as it gathers momentum. This is a track for huge crowds, for masses of people piled into a festival tent who can turn to each other at the atmospheric breakdown of the record with an unhinged grin on their face. You'll be able to purchase this stunning release on digital from July 20th, or make the most of the  great artwork and treat yourself to the vinyl from August 7th.





  • BPitch Control
  • 27/07/2015


Premiere · Techno


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6 years ago

this is masssssssive