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The Chainsmokers return with "Waterbed"

It's no secret that The Chainsmokers have proven that they are comedians at heart - with "#SELFIE" really bringing their humor to the forefront of the critique on the dance music scene. While they do release some music with more serious themes (like their previous single release, "Roses"), we can always expect something cheeky from Alex and Drew to keep us on our toes. Today we've got one of those releases, and it's called "Waterbed." 

The Chainsmokers have always been avid music fans, and Waterbed is their latest crush. The guys came up with a Rugrats-inspired melody and recruited the LA-based band to collaborate on the rest of the track. The result is something totally unique: a schoolyard track that is a lighthearted, capricious pop take on future step. It's out today via Disruptor Records, and if you are able get the melody out of your head today, you deserve a prize.



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