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Eliot Sumner gives us the chills with her new track "Firewood" [Premiere]

While I'm still only 22, I had the lucky opportunity of attending an university in one of the biggest musical hubs in the United States, and so I'm a little less inclined these days to be the crazy party girl I wanted to be, and I'm totally cool with drinking slowly and trading jams I've heard with friends over the course of the week on my Fridays after a long day of work. 

With that being said, Eliot Sumner is giving me a great song to show my friends, and since I'm the one premiering the song, literally no one can beat me to the punch (muahaha). With her stunning, unique vocals, Sumner knows how to captivate her listeners, and "Firewood" is an absolute perfect track for us to wind down at the end of the crazy week and help us relax before the even crazier weekend. Sumner is already a huge name in the music world, and we are super excited to have the exclusive on this track for you. This one is not to miss!

Check out the track below, and purchase "Firewood" via iTunes



Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 00.00.43

Eliot Sumner


  • Universal Island Music
  • July 17th, 2015


Exclusive · Indie · Post-Rock · Premiere


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