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The Palms give us a new genre, catch phrase, & appreciation for B&W video in "Push Off" [Premiere]

It makes sense that LA-based Hip/POP (yes, it’s a thing) duo The Palms decided to run with a lack of color in their newest video for “Push Off,” because good music doesn’t need any distractions in the way of cotton candy aesthetics or over-the-top theatrics.

While it’s not entirely off-brand from what we’ve known from Ben Rothbard and Johnny Zambetti, members of indie rock band Terraplane Sun, the sound is definitely a deviation from their pop hit “Get Me Golden.” (You’ve heard it if you ever tune in to Alt Nation or watch TV – it’s currently the backtrack to a Chili’s commercial.)

Their whole MO is making music that is authentic and uninhibited, and the track’s casually urgent, ultimatum of a chorus and the carefree accompanying visuals support this agenda. The guys are filmed hanging on a couch and jamming out; interspersed pans of palm trees, their band name scrawled as the backdrop, and a brief span to a framed sign reading “shred ‘til you're dead” show/tell us how they really feel.

It’s hard to be incredibly catchy without barricading yourself inside the mainstream box, but straight from the horse’s mouth: these guys have a plan in the palm of their hands. And an aptly titled project it is. The Palms’ self-titled EP is out now and streamable here. But as a preface, first watch this video full of nimble guitar rifts, a keys solo to be reckoned with, and the magic thread throughout: Rothbard’s gravelly, reedy vox. Because realness, really, rocks.

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