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Ticket giveaway to Blur at the Hollywood Bowl on October 20th

It isn't often that we come across a band that completely epitomize a musical era in one way or another. Not only does such a feat take passion, skill and maybe a bit of luck, but from the fame comes drama and expectancies. However, Blur always seemed to meet and exceed the mark, even if the bar was unrealistically set by Noel Gallagher.

After a 12 year break since releasing their last album, Blur burst back onto the scene with The Magic Whip earlier this year. Filled with all of the optimistic instrumentals and seemingly quaint, yet equally deep lyrics of their previous material, The Magic Whip finds Blur refilling a void that was missing in our musical pallet for years. While Damon was able to keep the masses from rioting with new music from the Gorillaz, they never were able to draw on the nostalgia remnant from early music from Blur.

However large in scope the release of The Magic Whip was, it is clear that they are the same old Blur that we fell in love with in the 90s. And, in keeping with their past they are currently touring all over the world. In ending the current tour they will make a two day stop at Madison Square Garden, but just before that they will make an appearance at LA's prime amphitheater, the Hollywood Bowl. It is an event that is sure to leave everlasting impressions. Given its magnitude and rarity, there will be fans from all over the US squandering to attend, but there is an easier and free way to get your tickets.

We just so happen to be giving away two tickets to the October 20th Hollywood Bowl show and a copy of The Magic Whip on Vinyl to one lucky winner! So, whether or not you are from LA, it is extremely difficult to beat the venue and band in this sure-to-be explosive performance. Be sure to sign up for a chance at an amazing opportunity.


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