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The Souljazz Orchestra funks out in their video for "Shock and Awe" [Premiere]

The Souljazz Orchestra is a six-piece band out of Ottawa, Canada, with all six members bringing a layer of uniqueness to the group's dynamic of soulful afro-centric tropical jazz funk. Known for socially conscious lyrics, passionate delivery and a well-packaged message of hope, their latest single "Shock And Awe" follows that precedent with overwhelming soul and a danceable beat. With slight references to group think and fear mongering politicians, the track celebrates the power of the people. It will be available on their upcoming release this fall via Strut entitled Resistance.

This week we have a first look at the video for "Shock And Awe," which follows the band through an overpass as they sing their gospel through funky composition. On the video:

“The video was shot on the Harmer Overpass in the Hintonburg neighborhood of Ottawa. The whole day was crazy: cars were honking the whole time, crowds gathered. Someone even called the cops on us, thinking we were kids throwing rocks off the bridge (a kid caused a pile-up there a few years back, where people died). A cop showed up with a reporter from the Ottawa Citizen newspaper. The officer was cool and  the reporter took shots of us, and we ended up on page 2 of the paper the next day. They called it "Not A Rock Group" because we weren't throwing rocks.” - Pierre Chrétien, The Souljazz Orchestra


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Kris Merrells
Kris Merrells
6 years ago

Badass. Love it.