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Shift K3Y tells us his 5 favorite things about NYC and gives away a pair of tickets The Greatest Day Ever! NYC [Contest]

This Saturday July 18th, the carnival-themed Greatest Day Ever! Music Festival, will return to NYC. What is the Greatest Day Ever? An all-day concert concert, that will take place on the Williamsburg Waterfront, with beautiful skyline views, a fully stacked line-up, and enough food trucks and drinks to keep you satisfied throughout the day. This years roster includes, Travis Scott, Trippy Turtle, Walshy Fire, Craze, Shift K3Y, Mija, & more.

In honor of the celebrations we had a chance to ask Shift K3Y his 5 favorite things about New York City, where he'll be wrapping up the last performance of his North America tour. We're also giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner, be sure to enter below! 

1) Flight Club - like most DJs i'm a trainer (or as you guys call them sneaker) freak. I've picked up a couple of nice pairs of Jordans in here in the past. Its a good place to lose a lot of money quickly

2) The Bagel Store on Bedford, Willamsburg. Here in london they do amazing Bagels on Brick Lane in London - so there is stiff competition. But 'the Bagel Store' in Willaimsburg gave them a run for their money with their salt beef bagel!!! It was like a home comfort away from home

3) Del Frisco's Steakhouse, 1221 Avenue of the Americas. Arguable the best stake in town - and the atmosphere here is amazing

4) Times Square - its an obvious one - but although i've played in NY a ton of times it still takes my breath away and makes me feel like an excited tourist in the city for the first time. Maybe one day i'll get board of it, but hopefully not

5) Hidden Subway Station Beneath City Hall - when I had a day off from DJs and writing in NY i went exploring and found this place. Its nuts because it hasn't been used since the 40s but it still looks so 'new' and impressive. You wouldn't even know it was there unless someone told you

Win 1 Pair of Tickets to Greatest Day Ever NYC

Williamsburg Waterfront

50 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249


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