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Action 52 have us feeling nostalgic for Missy Elliot's "Lose Control"

You might not remember the year 2005 in full detail, but you will remember the name MIssy Elliot and her hit single "Lose Control", featuring none other than pop signer Ciara. Now after a few months in a state of hibernation, Denver-based duo Action 52 return today to not only resurrect their career, but also to bring back the classy MIssy song, but with a whole new makeover suitable for dance floors far and wide. Calling this one 'g-house', the pair brew a pulsing bassline with bumping kicks and driving drums, bringing it right back to the dancefloor where it started over a decade ago. Hop in the delorean and head back to The Hit Factory with Action 52 below.

Dance · House


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