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Hazem Beltagui shines with "Attrape Reve" on new EP

 Egyptian producer and DJ Hazem Beltagui has won the hearts of many of his contemporaries throughout his career, becoming the face of the next generation of trance 2.0 at Armada Music, Future Sound of Egypt, Blue Soho and Macarize. Today he returns to the latter with an EP that creates an atmosphere and flow that only Beltagui could produce. The first, "Attrape Reve" is a gorgeous layering of piano and ethereal electronica that has an infectiousness we rarely come across in this type of music. Its energy is heartwarming and uplifting all at the same time. The second track comes from what we can tell is Beltagui's alter ego, H4z3with a deeper, chill out track entitled "Dusk." The bassline is so appealing here that it totally entrances when entwined with the track's simple synth melody.

Hazem Beltagui, H4z3
Attrape Reve / Dusk

Dance · Progressive · Trance


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