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Kendrick Lamar's video for "Alright" is cool and heart-breaking simultaneously

People went nuts in LA the day Kendrick Lamar stepped foot onto the street lamp, suspended in the air with only a crane and a film crew. This was only a few short weeks after the release of To Pimp a Butterfly, and the specific track he was filming for, "Alright", had shown through the track list like a light in the dark. The album was beautiful, yet lovers of Lamar knew the beauty was not over.

Today the official release of a visual component to "Alright" finally dropped. The video is long, but just like Kendrick's first two albums, it tells a vivid story only Kendrick could've experienced, but that we feel emotionally attached to. We follow first different scenes in what looks like a dystopian LA, but rather just the more hardcore aspects of reality in black and white. Slowly we are led to a close-up of a cop shooting a fleeing suspect, and then abrupt darkness. Then, as if nothing happened, the video really begins with the whole TDE gang in a tire-less car being carried down the street by four white police officers. That's when the party begins, and the video busts into some of the strangest atmospheres you can imagine.

The Colin Tilley directed video is cinematic, bold, and entertaining. Watch it below:


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