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Streaming Boogie's 'The Reach' Mixtape Is A Must [Mixtape]

One of the last years biggest travesties was how criminally underrated and overlooked Boogie's excellent mixtape, Thirst 48. The project was an enticing mix of street, conscious, and slice of life rap that went seemingly under the radar; however, for those who listen, it was clear that its creator was only just beginning.

Thanks to the success of Boogie's wildly addictive "Oh My" single earlier this year—a track with the potential to be the Summer Anthem of 2015—it appears that he is in the prime position to really make a name for himself and capture even more fans in the process. His answer to his new found popularity was not another banger of a song, but rather a full project filled with his most nuanced and enjoyable music yet. The Reach refuses to be overshadowed or passed by. 

The Reach is twelve tracks long, with very little to no filler unnecessarily taking up space and time. Boogie builds on the precedent of Thirst 48, while you may go in to hear bangers like "Oh My," you are going to leave with a bit more understanding of the struggles that plagues his life and those in the same environment lives. A number of songs play like audio documentaries, giving glimpses into his constantly shifting world, like "Intervention." However, he does not weigh down the enjoyment with a never-ending stream of pseudo-consciousness; rather, he embeds these moments alongside his more free spirited and bouncier tracks, like in "First Evergreen."

Jahlil Beats, Willie B, AC, Mike Zombie, Dart, and Keyel all contribute production on The Reach. Beats is the man responsible for the "Oh My's" boisterous beat. Keyel has the most mentions in the credits, being seemingly all over this tape, perhaps due to the fact he co-executive produced the entire thing. The Reach was sparse on the feature department, only possessing two from D'anna Stewart. Although a variety of voices can be a good thing and a welcomed reprieve from monotony, Boogie manages to hold his own, grabbing your attention and refusing to let go.

Definitely give The Reach a listen above, you will not leave disappointed. Boogie has progressed a considerable amount since Thirst 48, and this is the perfect time to discover what he is all about. 

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