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Eau Claire enchants with bright new take on Saint Motel's "My Type" [Premiere]

On the heals of a huge live set at Firefly, Eau Claire (aka Rachel Wong) keeps her hot streak going with a bright, bubbly new dance remix of Saint Motel's new single "My Type."  The track is inviting from the start as smart, infectious synth riffs build into the original song's vocals and a euphoric chorus that pops off with horns, bass and melodies that pull you in deeper.  Wong says she "loved" working with the horn, and it shows.  The horn phrase sounds like it was made for dance music, like the horns in Alex Gaudino's "Destination Calabria," the sax in Klingande's music,  or whatever's going on in Ariana Grande's "Problem."

In sum, this remix is a perfect addition to your summer soundtrack.  It could contribute to poolside vibes just as easily as it could get bodies moving on the dancefloor.  However you choose to play it, we know you'll enjoy this new "Song of Summer" contender just as much as we do.


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Saint Motel

My Type (Eau Cxlaire Remix)

  • Elektra Records
  • June 23, 2015


Dance · Feature · House · Premiere


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