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Norwegian duo Philco Fiction serve a slice of summer nostalgia with "June 17"

Right not, take a deep breath and think about a vivid summer memory and the year associated with it. Are you on a beach? Are you with friends driving down the highway with wind in your hair? Are you dancing on a rooftop as the sun sets behind the city's skyline? In Philco Fiction's single "June 17," they reflect upon a poignant summer memory, specifically the summer of 1992. It is a beautiful self-reflective piece of nostalgia written in a time when they felt as though that summer failed in comparison. The song itself is a delicately crafted song with pulsating horns and angelic drones that accompany the vivid imagery that is painted through words. This single is off their forthcoming full-length album, which is out soon via Killing Moon Records.


Dreampop · Pop · Synth Pop


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