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Digital Lab & Henrix team up on "Drop Low"

"Drop Low" had a big introduction earlier this year, in front of thousands of fans at Holy Ship! and Coachella during Kaskade's live performance. The collaboration is now out on his label, Arkade, who we've seen quite the variety from in releases in its early existence. "Drop Low," of course, has some massive bass, but it's delivered in a way that will make you want to get down versus check your heart rate. The true funkiness and soul is what makes the track so appealing, all done by two artists who have been closely related before: Henrix and Digital Lab. While they've worked on remixing each others music before, this is their first official collaboration and it's quite a successful one.

Digital Lab vs. Henrix
"Drop Low"

Dance · House


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  • @Digital_LAB thnx guys. Great write up!

    Avatar Henrix June 22, 2015 6:36 PM Reply
  • @HenrixMusic @Digital_LAB Very sick :3

    Avatar Abraham Camilo June 22, 2015 6:38 PM Reply

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