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Oakland's Adonte Fontane spits that real in "Last Minute" [Video]

Oakland emcee, Adonte Fontane, is not about the glitz and glam prevalent in today's superficial hip hop scene. No, he's an artist who tells it like it is, using vivid imagery to paint pictures that are much more relatable to listeners. This raw, true-to-life approach is exemplified in his latest track, "Last Minute," a gritty West Coast banger produced by DTB.

The abandoned construction site and vast forest in the video convey a sense of isolation and displacement, as if Adonte feels adrift in his quest for notoriety. Or perhaps he is distancing himself as he plans his next course of action - quietly but swiftly veeing his "w's" and zagging his "z's" to ensure his blueprint for success is carried out well before the last minute. 

And ya'll shouldn't wait till the last minute either; peep out this track ASAHP and brace yourselves for Adonte Fontane's upcoming Summer EP, Deep Water. This is Town business.


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