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Sahil makes us love the Matrix again with "I Feel It" [Video Premiere]

I admittedly was a bit too young to be a part of the Matrix craze, and watching the movies now, I can say that the special effects, once super impressive, hardly compares to the movies we have in the present day. 

Regardless, it's always going to be a classic that will be a part pop culture, and today, Sahil has shown us that sampling the movie can also be a part of great music. Besides the sampling, the song is pretty epic in general, and "I Feel It" is utterly filled with fantasy, and conjures up ideas of alternate worlds. In other worlds, this track is out of this world. 

Check out the video and track below. If you're susceptible to seizures though, maybe skip the video. 


I Feel It Artwork


I Feel That

  • June 18, 2015




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