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Drumcode hosts thumping 'Lost Boys' EP from Bart Skils

Fresh off the Swedish techno powerhouse Drumcode is the latest release from Holland's Bart Skils. His fourth solo release, the Lost Boys EP acts as the followup to his very well-received Shadowprint EP released just over a year ago. Comprised of four club-ready tracks, Bart Skils' complex compositions take us through emotional twists and turns that are prime for both after hours burners or peak set time spins. Addictive pulsing and dark beats make this Drumcode release an easy crowd pleaser for those of us that crave the late-night dance floor vibes that keep us up until sunrise. Check out the latest gems from Bart Skils below, and be sure to keep an eye on his tour dates so you don't miss his must-see show when he comes through your city. 


Bart Skils

'Lost Boys' EP

  • Drumcode
  • 21-Jun-15


Club · Dance · Techno


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