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Floro creates magic with Tate Tucker & Leven Kali on "Dripz"

Floro is a 20 year old producer based out of Los Angeles. Though he is fairly new to the scene, he is showing a lot of promise with a unique brand of intricate production utilizing both live and electronic instruments. A few days ago he released the first single off of his upcoming summer EP entitled Dripz which features fellow LA natives Tate Tucker & Leven Kali on vocals.

The title track is a perfect example of Floro's ability to create a fluid soundscape with an onslaught of syncopated drums samples, synth melodies and bass without sounding too chaotic. The guest performers play their roles to perfection, with Leven showing off his captivating vocal talents on hook while Tate delivers a short but clever verse amidst the madness. Check out the single below.

Downtempo · Future Beat · Hip-Hop


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