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Larcy looks back on fond memories with "Heaven Again" [Premiere]

"I am not saying that we should love death," once wrote Rilke, "but rather that we should love life so generously, without picking and choosing, that we automatically include it (life's other half) in our love." What do we do when our loved ones are taken away from us? It's a question that has plagued many minds for centuries. Do we exact revenge on the world or do we accept the hand that has been dealt? For Larcy, it's the latter. On her latest track, "Heaven Again," the New York based singer songwriter goes for a down tempo reflection on the passing of a close friend. 

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It's a somber song that will hit you right in the feels, but it replaces the usual melancholy feelings in favour of an eventual reunion. Check out the track right now and hop on over to Larcy's Facebook page and wish her a happy birthday.  


heaven again larcy


"Heaven Again"

  • June 10th, 2015


Indie · Pop


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