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Wayward announces new EP with "I Can't Dance"

We've been paying close attention to Wayward for some time now. Through their remixes of artists like Mark Knight and Aquilo they've shown great versatility with their sound that they deem "tropical," but is so much more than just that.

They've proclaimed their love for Motown with the release of Love Jones in 2013, and hit a major stride last year with the release of their Ugetsu EP last year, seeing singles like "Baile" and "Belize" go viral on Soundcloud. Their unique blend of beachy piano, retro soul and electronic production has allowed them to explore a broad range of sound, each time hitting a bulls eye with a sample that plucks at nostalgia while keeping a laid back dance point of view. They've continued down this road with their latest single, "I Can't Dance," that they've released today in coordination with the announcement of their next EP, Embroider.

On this latest, Wayward has put together a gorgeous combination of light jazz guitar riffs, deep house beats and sprinkling of samples from The Contours's "Do You Love Me." They way in which they've done it is most impressive, one that can only really be experienced through a full listen.

"I Can't Dance"
Tropics Records
Release Date: August 6, 2015

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