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Katelyn Tarver 's "Nobody Like You," is an earworm you need to hear [Premiere]

Georgia born and LA based singer/songwriter, Katelyn Tarver, made a splash earlier this year with the release of her debut single, “Weekend Millionaires.” It is a ferocious and anthemic pop smash hit about being broke but still making the most out of the weekends (and consequently griping about being so broke the next week.) It’s light piano melodies and drum machine beats flow underneath her bubbly pop vocals. Her first single was given an electric touch from progressive house duo Young Bombs, taking Weekend Millionaire from the car to the club.

Following up her first hit, Katelyn debuts her second single today, “Nobody Like You.” It is a more upbeat track with live guitars, driving bass, and other musical elements that bring the song together and help it smash through the sonic waves with its glimmering pop appeal and incendiary earworm of a chorus. The song is a snarky bite at all the ones that are wrong in our life. It is a modern battle cry with the weight of Kelly Clarkson chorus. You better get familiar with Katelyn, because this rising star will soar to the spotlight when her debut album is released. She recorded it with producer Ludgwig Goransson (Childish Gambino, Haim), set to be released on Universal. Keep slaying the game Katelyn, we’re all ears.



Electro Pop · Pop · Premiere · Synth Pop


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Berni Szécsi
6 years ago

@katelyntarver OMG
I'm sooo happy because of it.I love her voice and songs.She's amazing. #LoveYa And I want to hear that <3

6 years ago

@katelyntarver OMG YASSS

Lorelai Schmidt BTR
6 years ago

@katelyntarver follow me

6 years ago

@katelyntarver I wanna hear this!! :33