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Federico Scavo brings it on in his music video for "Parole Parole" [Premiere]

Man, is Italy on our radar this year. This time, we've returned to house music industry leader Federico Scavo's work, his latest release "Parole Parole" out on d:vision earlier this year. With a release date of March 9th, we know that this has been one of his secret weapons whose release was timed perfectly for the biggest release time of the year: Miami Music Week. A revival of a track from iconic Italian disco diva Mina, "Parole Parole" got traction quickly, hitting the iTunes top 10 in its home country.

Today we've got the first look at the corresponding video for the groovy disco track. Directed by fellow Italian artist, director Marco Salom, the video completely relays the good-time feeling of the original's audio. It also takes us back to the days when the original sample was released, when party lines, dial tones and prank calling were part of the conversation. Then and now, though, good music can be translated in any way and even through strangers to be enjoyed.



Federico Scavo
"Parole Parole"
Released March 9, 2015

Dance · House · Music Videos


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