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In case you're wondering, Nikko Lafre is "Still Geech"

I honestly have no idea what "geech" means, but after hearing Nikko Lafre's latest banger, that's the last thing on my mind. The Minnesotan emcee's latest track is something special and by song's end, you definitely want some more geech in your life. 

"Still Geech" is a perfect marriage between Nikko's melodic flow and Seventh Soldano's spacey, bass-rattling production. The song's laid-back nature also has a down-to-earth and intimate feel to it - almost as if Nikko is chillin' right across the table, keeping it real, 100, official, geechy.

This latest offering comes fresh off the heels of Troubled Soul: Blame The CityNikko Lafre's last mixtape that all but solidified his undeniable talent on the m-i-c. He is also re-releasing said mixtape on iTunes in the coming days - along with a few bonus tracks - so we're definitely amped for what he has in store!


Hip-Hop · Rap


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