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Claude Violante's "No Mercy" is a perfectly blended blast from the past [Premiere]

Parisian artist Claude Violante is a chameleon when it comes to her productions. Effortlessly she blends notes of driving 80's synth pop with 90's contemporary R&B, wrapped in modern electronic stylings and tie-off with breathy vocals. Her music is melodic and ethereal, creating a unique soundscape that whips Doc Brown out of the DeLorean and plops him onstage in a chair alongside Demi Moore in Flashdance. Her latest release, "No Mercy" is rich in 80s synths that would get Gorgio, Donna and OMD swaying to her bouncy lo-fi dissonance. Enveloped within the rich 80s synth soundscape are drum patterns that would make Phil Collins weep and breathy vocals that give modern contemporary artists like Rhye and How To Dress Well a run for their money. Though Claude has done a number of remixes, this is her second original, following her release of "The Double." Both songs will be on her Your Heart Is Weak EP, out July 7th via Atlas Chair/Tsunami-Addiction. You can preorder the EP on iTunes here.


Dark Pop · Dreampop · Pop · Synth Pop


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