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Khary Durgans drunkenly wanders around town in "Smooth Talker" [Music Video, Premiere]

After dropping off the energetic and bar filled "Came Up," Khary Durgans has decided to take an easier, more relaxed approach on his latest song/video, "Smooth Talker." The same clever lines, filled with a dizzying array of funny puns and cultural references, make their way on this REL produced track, but weaved in all throughout are small glimpses into some of Khary's fears and anxieties. He uses the former to mask the latter, which makes "Smooth Talker" conflicted, yet easy to relate to in a way. Instead of purely lying in the midst of braggadocio to gain some validity, he utilizes humor and self-deprecation.

In the John Rawlins directed video, Khary jumps into this "Wino" character. "Smooth Talker" finds the rapper aimlessly walking around Boston, with a bottle of rum and a frequently filled cup. He and his crew forgot to bring along their SD card, but were determined to shoot the video. They were forced to capture the entire thing on an 8GB memory stick and in 12 second bursts.  "If you know anything about shooting videos, this is an awful situation. But with the help of creativity and Captain Morgan we turned it into something fun that embodies the energy of the song," Khary reiterated. 

"Smooth Talker" doesn't have an intricate plot, rather, viewers are led around the city with a tour guide that is getting increasingly intoxicated. Khary's hilarious interactions with the environments around him—whether he is '90's hip-hop posing or randomly running around shocking nearby pedestrians—is highly entertaining to watch. You can check out the "Smooth Talker" video above and head over to Khary Durgans' soundcloud to hear more of his music, including his recent SwimTeam EP.

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Yusuke Urameshi
6 years ago

i think something is wrong with the embed link