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'On And On - 1Ø1' compilation presents some of the very best in the modern beat scene

23 international beatmakers. 23 exclusive tracks. The very first compilation to come off of 20syl’s co-founded label On and On has by far the most relevant tracklist for this year’s beat scene. Similar to Rawkus and Stone Throw, On and On is deeply rooted in a passion for hip hop. However, this solidified foundation does not condemn them to a single facet of sound. The compilation takes influence from hip hop, electronic, and about everything in between.

Each artist is handpicked for their authenticity and meticulous artistry, maintaining On and On’s mission to develop projects with eclectic and passionate artists. Not only does On And On – 1Ø1 boast a unique musical universe, but also a roster of musicians from around the world: Phazz, Monsoonsiren, Elaquent, Freddie Joachim, and more. On and On has taken up the challenge to find the finest beatmakers in the world and gather together flawless tracks for our enjoyment and appreciation. As of April, that challenge has been undoubtedly conquered.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

Atom and Pfel come together as Beat Torrent to bring the best modern glitch and masterful art of scratch to an arcade inspired virtual reality.

Iamnobodi's funky basslines will make you want to shimmy your shoulders and clap along to an irresistible harness of energy.

The deep house influence of “Love is Blind” will hypnotize you into a dance floor daze, fusing extremely well with its wonky bass and electric guitar riffs.

If these are up your alley, the rest are guaranteed gems. You can stream the compilation in it's entirety here and support through iTunes!


Various Artists

On and On - 1Ø1


8.5 Milkitude

  • On and On Records
  • April 12, 2015



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