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Flume emerges with brand new video and single for "Some Minds" [Music Video]

Australian beat maker extraordinaire, Flume, has remained somewhat silent over the past few months as he's continued his tour. He will continue to tour internationally, this year, and his next scheduled US date will be NYC's Governor's Ball. But, now he's emerged with a hauntingly infectious new video for the track "Some Minds". The tune features amazing vocals provided by Miike Show's Andrew Wyatt who does an amazing job of skillfully weaving in and out of focus with the slow build of the instrumental. There are two distinct "acts" to this track and you assume you are ready for the change up but Flume always finds a way to find a way to surprise you just when you think you understand what you've gotten yourself into. You must remove all expectations for this instant future beat classic. 

The video itself is a collaboration between Flume, the Sydney Opera House and director Clemens Habicht, who have collectively come together to create a video that compliments the song perfectly. Flume, himself, is the center piece for the video who showcases beautiful dancing choreographed by Australian Ballet member Callum Linnane.


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