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Ferry Corsten revives Gouryella project with "Anhara"

Even if you're a rather new fan of dance music, you might heard the name Gouryella before. The name, meaning "heaven" in aborigine, was originally one of a few monikers for the now superstar solo artists Ferry Corsten and Tiesto, known as "DJ Tiesto" at the last time that the artists produced under the name together. Their work helped to launch Ferry Corsten's career with the release of "Gouryella" in 1999, has inspired some of today's best producers like Andrew Bayer, and more recently inspired a fan-initiated campaign to bring the track back from its heyday to hit the #1 spot on the Beatport trance charts. With its success, the guys decided to donate the proceeds of the recent record sales to charity. 

Whether or not that spurred Corsten to revive the Gouryella name, we won't know for now, but we do know: Gouryella is back. Though it seems that it's just Corsten behind the project himself this time, the work is just as good. Entitled "Anhara," the first track from the project in over a decade brings back all the memories of the melodic, high-BPM trance that saw huge success in the late 90's and early 00's, with a modern edge that's not too in your face or trendy. It goes to show, good music doesn't necessarily need to be "relevant" to be successful. "Anhara" is out now via Spotify, and will be released via Flashover Recordings on June 15th.



Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • May 28  |  Austin, TX  |  V Lounge
  • May 29  |  Las Vegas, NV  |  LiFE
  • May 30  |  San Francisco, CA  |  Ruby Skye


Flashover Recordings
Release Date: June 15. 2015

Connect with Ferry Corsten:

Dance · Trance


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