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cln shares "Left Behind" off forthcoming EP

Australian producer cln is no new name to the EARMILK website, the 20-year-old producer featured his debut of "Hold Me" off his forthcoming EP entitled Found, just last month and today he graces our pages again today with a new single and new insight into what should be expected off the EP. "Left Behind" is another moody future-beat that is both mesmerizing and intricate and demonstrates cln's knack for instrumental melodies.

As the young producer puts it, “I wanted this EP to demonstrate a wide variety of styles and moods, and so this new track is a world apart from the last one. Taking some inspiration from Caribou, I wanted to bring ‘Left Behind’ back to a point where the instrumental was the focus again, rather than the vocals. I also wanted to experiment with restraint and a sort of continuous build up - it was difficult to restrain myself from just throwing everything at the first drop, but I’m really glad I did”

Go ahead and grab a taste Found coming out this July. 



Electronic · Future Beat


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