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Terrell Morris' "Book of Benny" belongs at the top of your reading list

Whether you're a young, burgeoning musician, a fry cook or an unemployed vagabond, we can all relate to the grit and grime of the grind, the menacing upward climb to prosperity. Patience is key.

Toronto's Terrell Morris conveys this message beautifully in his latest track, "Book of Benny," a melodic joint with an interesting song structure. Terrell effortlessly elaborates on his music hustle with a hypnotic, sing-songy flow that suddenly breaks into sound clips of the film, Basquiat. The late Jean-Michel Basquiat, who's depicted in said film, was, like Morris, a virtuoso who steadily climbed his way to the top. The song's producer, Gat, also supplies a dope minimalist beat that gives Terrell plenty of headroom to tell his Basquiat-inspired tale.

Be on the lookout for more BLAPS from Terrell Morris and also check out the video for his single, "Shallow Hal," which was also featured on EARMILK!


Hip-Hop · Rap


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