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Sven Weisemann debuts on Delsin with deep grooves in 'Fall Of Icarus'

There's no debating the remarkable journeys a typical Sven Weisemann track can take its audience on—and more so is the case when it comes to his DJ sets.  Venture-full and often spread over smoothened house scapes, Weisemann's sound is difficult to mistake and equally taskful to resist (why would anyone attempt to do so, anyway?). Drawing freely between dub techno and deep house, his releases on Mojuba, Essays, and Telrae  garner plenty of praise and his debut on Delsin is really no different.


Part of the imprint's C-series—it's deep house branch—Fall of Icarus strides on its heavily spectral pads assembled in pure Weisemann fashion. With rhythmic toms doing a great job at pushing momentum while also pacifying intensity in "Icaria", opener "Nijo" finds its thriving point through the vamping of the drum works and clap patterns. "Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus" closes out with a semi-beatless showcase of sound touring through passive highs and lows constantly. Slow and theatrical, this track is a proper finish to another Delsin release. 





House · Techno


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